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Clean Your Student Apartment Efficiently

Everyone knows that the key to getting their security deposit back is thoroughly cleaning their Texas A&M housing before they leave. However, it may be more involved than you originally think. Therefore, it is best to figure out everything that must get done and acquire the cleaning supplies before you begin. You will need cleaning supplies such as wet wipes, Lysol, Windex, scrub brush, Scrubbing Bubbles, S.O.S. Steel Wool Sponges, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, a broom, a vacuum and paper towels. If you have roommates, make a list of all of the chores and then divide them up into equally difficult jobs or areas that each person frequents more often. Begin cleaning one room at a time to be most efficient.

Living Room

Take a vacuum and clean all crumbs and debris off your sofas and under cushions. Use Windex and paper towels to thoroughly clean windows. Wet a paper towel and wipe off dusty blinds and the top of ceiling fans. Clean any other area dust may have accumulated in this area including air vents, coffee tables and light fixtures. Use Magic Erasers to remove dirt and scuffs from walls and floorboards throughout your entire student apartment. It is vital that you dust and remove grime before you turn to the floors or you will have to clean the floor twice. If you have carpet, vacuum and spot clean. However, if you have hardwood flooring or tile, sweep and mop. You may be forced to use a sponge and scrub stains if they do not disappear while mopping.


The kitchen can easily become quite difficult to clean because it is used often. Wet wipes can be used to wipe down every surface including counter tops, the inside and outside of cabinets, and the inside of the refrigerator and freezer. The steel wool sponges will be your best friend in the kitchen. Use them to clean the inside of your oven, stove top, burners and even the drip pan. The build up may be difficult to remove at first but if you scrub hard, you will be able to make them look like new. Do not forget to clean the sink and faucet as well.


Cleaning the bathroom may not be the most desired job in your College Station apartments but it is important. Apply Lysol first and follow with Scrubbing Bubbles to every surface in the bathroom (countertop, sink, shower, toilet) and let it soak for a minute. Then use a scrub brush to thoroughly remove any soap scum, grime or any other build up. It may take a bit of elbow grease, but continue until each area shines. Use Windex and a paper towel to remove spots and streaks from your bathroom mirror. Repeat the same cleaning treatment for the floor that you did in the kitchen.


Hopefully, your bedroom will be your easiest room to clean in your TAMU housing. Dust thoroughly, similar to what you did in the common area. Use a Magic Eraser to make your walls and baseboards appear as good as new. Remember to wipe down windows and blinds as well. Finish up by vacuuming or sweeping, depending on the type of flooring you have.

Apartments in College Station, TX 

Cleaning your student housing in College Station seems overwhelming, but once you complete it, you can relax knowing that the hard part is over. Make sure that each roommate does their part to make sure the job gets done quickly. Ideally, you should clean your apartment throughout the year so that your task when you move out is not as difficult.

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