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Ideas for Apartment Hobbies & Crafts

Jul 26th 2017

Now that you’re moving to College Station student housing, you may be wondering about which hobbies you can pick up that are apartment-friendly. Hobbies are a great way to...

What is Roommate Matching & How Does it Work?

Jul 20th 2017

Many apartment complexes, such as The Retreat’s Texas A&M luxury apartments, allow for individual leases which allow students to pay only their share of rent rather than paying for...

Should I Live in an Apartment or House?

Jun 15th 2017

Once you decide that you want to attend TAMU, you will need to find a place to live in. One of the most common questions that students ask is whether it is better to rent an apartment or to rent a house.

5 Things to do Before Moving Out

Dec 19th 2016

At first, the process of moving out of your apartment may seem as simple as removing all of your possessions out of your College Station student housing. However, there are more...

10 Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back (In Full)

Oct 18th 2016

Security deposits are paid at the beginning of a lease in the case that there is any damage to your student apartment that will require repairs when you leave. The fewer problems you leave behind, the more...

How to Forward Your Mail

Sep 19th 2016

When you are moving, your work does not end with packing up your stuff and bringing it to your new student housing near TAMU. You will also need...

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