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How to Be a Perfect Tenant

May 18, 2017

Whether you are renting apartments in College Station for the first time or you want a positive recommendation from a property manager, it is important to know what...
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When College Students Should Look for College Apartments

Apr 19, 2017

Though some may enjoy on campus TAMU housing, it is not for everyone. There are plenty of apartments located close to TAMU campus that provide you with a short commute but provide you with more space and privacy...
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What First-Time Renters Need to Know

Feb 06, 2017

Renting apartments in College Station for the first time is a monumental step. For the first time, you have housing that you are responsible for that will be the backdrop to many memories...
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5 Things to do Before Moving Out

Dec 19, 2016

At first, the process of moving out of your apartment may seem as simple as removing all of your possessions out of your College Station student housing. However, there are more...
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10 Things To Look For In Your Student Apartment Lease Agreement

Dec 28, 2015

Signing a lease on an apartment is a huge responsibility. You’re entering an agreement that will govern your life for the next year and could have an impact on your future ...
things-to-know-about-your-apartment-lease-agreement Read More

Things to Know About Your Apartment Lease Agreement

Nov 18, 2015

When you move off campus for the first time, you’re likely to encounter your first ever apartment lease agreement. A lease is a binding contract and is something you want to take ...

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