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Events, Activities & More Near Your Apartment

Jul 14, 2017

When moving into College Station student housing, you may be left wondering what there is to do near your apartment. Fortunately for you, College Station is a city rich with culture, arts and entertainment.
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When College Students Should Look for College Apartments

Apr 19, 2017

Though some may enjoy on campus TAMU housing, it is not for everyone. There are plenty of apartments located close to TAMU campus that provide you with a short commute but provide you with more space and privacy...
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4 Off Campus Living Expenses To Know About

Mar 10, 2016

Off campus living typically means more freedom and fun. But, with that freedom and fun comes more responsibilities. Usually, when you live in the dorms, all of your costs ...
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Should You Rent Off Campus? The Answer is Yes, and Here's Why

Mar 07, 2016

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in college is whether to stay on campus or find a place to rent off campus. While being in the dorms might have its perks, plenty ...
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5 Things You'll Encounter In Off Campus Housing That You Won't In A Dorm

Feb 15, 2016

There comes a time in almost every college student’s life when he or she needs to make a choice: Stay in the dorms or move into off campus housing. Living in a dorm has its advantages, ...
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5 Reasons To Go Off Campus To Search For Apartments

Jan 27, 2016

College Station students from out of town need to decide between on-campus dormitory living or taking their search for apartments off campus. Dormitory and resident hall living have their advantages ...

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