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What is Roommate Matching & How Does it Work?

Jul 20, 2017

Many apartment complexes, such as The Retreat’s Texas A&M luxury apartments, allow for individual leases which allow students to pay only their share of rent rather than paying for...
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Choosing a College Roommate: 4 Questions to Ask Each Other

Mar 21, 2016

For some people, choosing a college roommate is super easy. They end up going to school with their besties, with whom they live for the next four years. For other people, choosing ...
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4 Bedroom Apartments For Rent: Tips For Keeping The Peace With Roommates

Feb 22, 2016

Finding 4 bedroom apartments for rent can seem like the ideal way to live with your group of friends. 4 bedroom apartments for rent are large enough that you each get your ...
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Sharing Responsibilities In Housing For Students

Dec 23, 2015

Having roommates in housing for students is mostly a rewarding experience. But, there are also times that they can make you tear your hair out. When roommates fight, it is ...
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Build A Life With Friends In Apartments Near Texas A&M

Oct 26, 2015

You might think that living off campus would be a lonely experience, but life at a university as large as Texas A&M can be lonely even if you’re a dorm resident. The Retreat in College ...
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Your College Apartment Roommate: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Sep 28, 2015

Ask anyone who has ever been to college or is currently in college and they all will likely have college apartment roommate stories to tell. Some may be mildly or wildly amusing. Others will ...

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