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Events, Activities & More Near Your Apartment

Jul 14, 2017

When moving into College Station student housing, you may be left wondering what there is to do near your apartment. Fortunately for you, College Station is a city rich with culture, arts and entertainment.
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5 Things You'll Encounter In Off Campus Housing That You Won't In A Dorm

Feb 15, 2016

There comes a time in almost every college student’s life when he or she needs to make a choice: Stay in the dorms or move into off campus housing. Living in a dorm has its advantages, ...
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5 Reasons To Go Off Campus To Search For Apartments

Jan 27, 2016

College Station students from out of town need to decide between on-campus dormitory living or taking their search for apartments off campus. Dormitory and resident hall living have their advantages ...
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Note-taking Tips For Studying In Our One Bedroom Apartments

Jan 22, 2016

You rewarded yourself last evening with a relaxing get together with your fellow students in one of our one bedroom apartments at The Retreat. The exhilarating freedom of college ...
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5 Gadgets That You (Probably) Can't Do Without In Our Furnished Apartments For Rent

Jan 20, 2016

In our January 7th blog we listed our top 5 choices of Apple apps for College Station housing residents. Continuing in our “5 favorites” series, we checked around the web ...
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Apartments Off Campus Help Students Balance Hectic University Life

Jan 15, 2016

OK, here you are about to begin your second semester. What you may have realized during your first semester is that you were caught in a maelstrom of conflicting priorities. All ...

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