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Healthy Foods to Help Your Brain in College

Here at the Retreat at College Station, our college student housing residents have the privacy and comfort they need to study effectively. An important ingredient in keeping the brain efficient and the synapses firing is eating properly. Follow the healthy diet tips for college students below to stay healthy and focused.

Healthy Diet Tips For College Students

The following are 2 stress- and 5 fat-fighting diet suggestions courtesy of WebMD:

  1. Try the Mediterranean diet and fight stress. Looking for a long-term defense against the blues? Load up on fruits, leafy green vegetables–yes, Mom was right!–nuts, whole grains, and fish. Foods high in unsaturated fat have been associated with lower levels of depression.
  2. Drink coffee, dump the sweet soft drinks. Drinking coffee to sustain that late-night cramming session might have a bonus beyond the buzz. One observational study presented to the American Academy of Neurology suggests that laying off the sweetened soft drinks and drinking unsweetened coffee “may naturally help lower your depression risk.”
  3. Subtract the added sugar and fructose-laden corn syrup. All that sugar is bad for you and your body doesn’t need it. Fructose overloads the liver and turns to fat.  However, the fructose in fruit is good for you, because as one piece emphasizes, “Fruits aren’t just watery bags of fructose, they are real foods with a low energy density and lots of fiber.” Getting rid of the added sugar is one of the best healthy diet tips for college students.
  4. Don’t get fat by eating high-fat foods. The top healthy choice for college student housing residents is highlighted in one WebMD online piece. It is low-fat milk and yogurt. Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt gets the highest marks for its super-high protein with no added sugar, making it one of the top healthy diet tips for college students.
  5. Start your busy class routine by feeling your oats. You get a bowl full of vitamin B and fiber as well as potassium for cardiac health and blood pressure control when you start your day with oatmeal.
  6. Throw some blueberries on that oatmeal, and take along an ounce of nuts to nibble on. One of the tastiest healthy diet tips for college students is to eat blueberries. Blueberries are great for the brain because they help with concentration and memory. The nuts–walnuts in particular–help to improve focus through the antioxidant vitamin E, fatty acids and oils.
  7. Speaking of oils, forgo that Mickey-D’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and go for the fish. A fatty/oily fish snack or sandwich–preferably salmon, but trout, mackerel, herring, sardines, as well as pilchards and kipper are good–are all great for concentration and focus. They have omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to improve mental skills.

So here’s your takeaway

Academic performance is two parts focus with one heaping portion of stamina. Stamina comes from the food and drink we use for fuel. Fuel your body with more fatty fish, and leafy green vegetables, and stay away from the sugar donuts. Wash all that good stuff down with lots of water, and don’t forget the green tea–which has caffeine and L-Theanine for staying sharp and mellow while studying.

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