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The College Station Perfect Tenant

Whether you are renting apartments in College Station for the first time or you want a positive recommendation from a property manager, it is important to know what makes them happy. If you want a successful relationship with your management, attempt to do your part to be a satisfactory tenant.

Renting Student Apartments in College Station, TX

Understand Lease Fully

If you do not take the time to read over the fine print in your contract for your student housing in College Station, you are more likely to misunderstand certain terms and then become frustrated with management later. On your part, you will be aware of the rules that are clearly written in the lease. Even if it is intimidating to attempt to decipher legal jargon, you will be glad that you did. Write notes as you go through it so that you can reference specific rules later without having to read through it all over again.

Pay Rent on Time

There is nothing a landlord hates more than when a resident is always late on rent or they do not have the money. The best way to keep them happy is to make sure that you pay every month on time. Even if you have the best intentions, it can be difficult to remember to pay once schoolwork begins to pile up. If necessary, set a reminder on your phone that will go off monthly to remind you that it is time to pay rent again.

Respect Neighbors

When you become frustrated with how noisy your neighbors are or the fact they never have their dog on a leash, who do you call? Your landlord. The same is true for your neighbors, so if you are disruptive, your property manager will hear complaints about you constantly. Instead, consider taking extra steps to be friendly to your neighbors. Say hello to them as you pass them in the hallways. You will be surprised at the difference this can make.

Maintain Apartment

Do your best to take care of your student apartment throughout the year. Do not wait until it is time to move out to deep clean or make repairs. Your landlord understands that normal wear and tear will occur and different elements will need to be replaced. When you notice a problem, call the office immediately so they can fix it before it worsens. If you take the time to clean regularly to prevent build up and notify your property manager of issues, by the time you move out, your apartment will look as good as new. This will reduce the amount of work your landlord will be required to do and will leave them with a good last impression of you.

Abide by All Rules

After you have taken the time to read through your lease, make sure you follow them. If you have a limit to the amount of guests who are allowed to be in your unit or certain quiet hours are put in place, do not throw a massive, loud party in the middle of the night. Keep the outside of your TAMU housing clean and dispose of garbage properly instead of just placing it on your doorstep.

Provide Proper Notice

When you notify your landlord that you are moving, they will want to find someone to move in right afterwards. The more notice you give them, the more likely they will be to find a replacement. Therefore, if you wait until the last minute to tell your property manager, you are putting them in a difficult position. It is always better to give them plenty of notice.

Learn to Be a Good Resident

Property owners communicate with each other. Before they accept your contract, they want to know what your past experience has been. If they call your last Texas A&M housing complex, and they discover that you were always loud and late on rent, they will not want to let you live there. However, if they hear only positive things, they will be more likely to overlook any drawbacks they might find on your application.

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