The apartment you live in can have a big impact on your lifestyle. For better or worse, it will affect where you spend your time and how much privacy you have, and it can even make your life more difficult. However, your apartment can also enhance your life and provide you with opportunities to which you otherwise would not have access. Luxury apartments in College Station provide students with the tools they need to get the most out of their time in college.

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National Trend of Luxury Living for Students

Over the last few years, the demand for luxury apartments has increased. Students are now prioritizing their lifestyles when considering where to live. They recognize the advantages that luxury living provides and the way it promotes a well-rounded lifestyle. In response, developers are constructing new luxury apartments in Texas and many other states. Therefore, when looking for an apartment, it is important not to just look for any luxury student living complex but the one that suits you the best. The Retreat at College Station offers the best apartments in College Station because our amenities, security and solid construction are designed with students in mind.

What is Luxury Student Living?

Luxury apartments provide students with access to many of the resources they need within their apartment complex. Available amenities promote healthy and balanced lifestyles through social activities and areas dedicated to fitness, relaxation, socialization, and education. Academics are encouraged through computer labs and study rooms while fitness centers help students remain active. Luxury living also promotes the idea that students should be able to relax and recharge with features such as communal, entertaining clubhouses and pools.

Amenities Available in Luxury Living

Each luxury apartment has unique amenities that cater to the students living in the area; however, there are some common elements among TAMU apartments.

Deluxe Floorplans

Individual living spaces are the most crucial to the quality of life of students because everyone needs a place to be comfortable and relax. Luxury apartments feature open layouts with spacious individual bedrooms and bathrooms. You will be able to find the privacy and space you need for your new-found independence. Stylish décor, kitchens with modern appliances and quality flooring will turn your college apartment into a home where you can be comfortable. You will not have to worry about hearing your neighbor’s bad taste in music thanks to thorough construction which helps prevent sound from traveling between student apartments.

Computer Labs

Luxury student housing in College Station, like The Retreat at College Station, support students in their academics. For example, Computer Labs are kept up-to-date in terms of technology and the necessary resources. Many students pull a few all-nighters during their college careers; therefore, a 24-hour lounge ensures students always have access to the resources they need. A computer lab also provides the peace and quiet you may need to escape your loud roommates, and free printing saves you the cost of buying a printer, paper, and ink. Students no longer need to spend hours in cold, unwelcoming libraries on campus. Instead, they have access to high-speed Wi-Fi and study areas without ever leaving their complex.

Convenient Location & Parking

No matter how nice the amenities are, if your apartment is far from campus, it is not luxurious. Luxury apartments are within walking distance or a short bus commute to campus. Even though most of your needs are located at your apartment, when you do need to go to campus, you will not have to go far if you live at The Retreat at College Station. Enjoy the advantage of TAMU housing on-campus while maintaining the perks of an off campus lifestyle.

Parking is another factor that sets luxury living apart. In order to prevent a lack of parking, luxury apartments will take advantage of multiple methods such as underground parking, personalized spaces or an abundance of spots right outside your door. You should never have to drive around looking for parking or park really far away from your apartment.

Fitness Centers

Physical health is integral to a happy lifestyle and discipline in school. Luxury apartments provide all of the tools necessary to develop and maintain healthy habits. Often, state-of-the-art gym equipment is available for improving cardio or building muscle. Sometimes, luxury apartments in College Station, TX, will even provide classes you can take in yoga or Zumba. After finishing a workout, luxury apartment residents can enjoy a steam in the sauna. Its convenient location allows you to avoid commuting to your on-campus gym.

Clubhouses & Pools

College is also about having fun and making memories. Luxury apartments feature resort-style pools, cabanas, and grilling locations to help you enjoy your weekend and encourage you to spend time outdoors. If you would like to get a tan without enduring the Texas heat, The Retreat at College Station offers tanning equipment so you can maintain a healthy glow.

The clubhouse will soon become the favorite hangout spot for you and your friends. Luxury Texas A&M housing traditionally offers features such as high-definition TVs. Lounge on comfy sofas to enjoy a movie or watch the football game. Some clubhouses also give you the ability to play billiards or a round of golf on golf simulators.

On-Site Security

One of the most stressful aspects for parents is their child’s safety. Luxury apartments in College Station provide security in order to allow both students and parents to sleep easy. Secure access apartments or hallways are used to ensure only those who live on work on the premises can gain entry. Electronic entry deems physical keys useless. Physical keys have the potential to be easily copied and your apartment, therefore, becomes more vulnerable. But, with electronic entry only, you can feel safer.

Having a gated complex guarantees that only residents and their guests will have access. In the event that something does happen, apartment security is on-site so they can respond quickly to your call.

Contact The Retreat

The Retreat at College Station provides students with all of the elements they want and need to have a successful college experience. We prioritize both academic and social success for each student with fitness centers, study rooms, volleyball courts, and deluxe pools. With this in mind, tiny dorm rooms are unable to compare to the luxury apartments College Station, TX has to offer. Tour our luxury student cottages today and discover a comfortable lifestyle you can enjoy.

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