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Should I live in a College Station Apartment or House?

Once you decide that you want to attend TAMU, you will need to find a place to live in. One of the most common questions that students ask is whether it is better to rent an apartment or to rent a house. There are many misconceptions about each option and it is important to know what they each offer to make the most informed decision. Both houses and apartments have their individual advantages and disadvantages and the best choice will depend on the individual student's needs and wants. At The Retreat, we provide some of the best student housing in College Station, TX.

Living in a College Station Apartment

The Advantages of Renting a TAMU Apartment

College Station student apartments are the most common form of housing for students and for good reason. Apartment complexes dominate the neighboring areas of universities to offer as many units to potential renters. Because of this, apartments for students are usually located in prime locations making commutes to the university a breeze. Apartments are also usually less expensive than houses of the same square footage because they often include utilities and maintenance is provided by the complex without extra charges. Management is a huge advantage in apartments and can take care of anything from a leaky faucet in your unit to loud neighbors. Apartment complexes also offer very attractive amenities such as computer labs, pools and club houses.

The Disadvantages of Apartments

The two biggest disadvantages with apartments are lack of space and lack of privacy. Depending on your needs, an apartment might not offer sufficient space like a house can, with the exception of Texas A&M luxury apartments, and you usually cannot use all the space to your liking. Remaining rooms in the apartment can be rented out to other people and there are usually strict rules about how many people can inhabit each room. Because you have adjoining walls, noise is often a problem with neighbors and you need to be considerate of the volume of your music, television, friend gatherings, etc. Parking close to your apartment can also be an issue unless you have designated parking for your unit and many apartment complexes do not allow large pets or even pets at all.

Living in a House

The Advantages of Houses

Choosing a house as your form of student housing in College Station, Texas, comes with some pretty attractive advantages. A house is a single family dwelling that provides you with the privacy of being the only tenants, not sharing walls with neighbors, and the freedom to choose who lives in the house with you. There is also a lot more flexibility with a house when it comes to the space you want and need. As an added benefit, houses usually come with their own private parking, a garage and a yard. In a house, renters usually have the liberty of having pets, including large pets, and making changes to the home for decorative purposes such as painting walls.

The Disadvantages Renting a Home

One of the biggest disadvantages of renting a house is the cost. While rent can be split between more people and it might seem like less than an apartment, it usually does not include utility costs, maintenance and upkeep, and repairs that can quickly add up each month. Unlike management in apartments, house renters have the responsibility of solely taking care of many issues that could arise in the home. Renting a house also comes with the possibility that your lease may not be renewed at the end of your lease term if the landlord decides to put it on the market.

Luxury Apartments in College Station, TX

Another option available for student housing is luxury apartments. Luxury apartments combine many of the advantages of both apartments and houses to provide their residents with the best living experience. At The Retreat at College Station, we provide luxury cottages for rent. Luxury cottages provide more privacy and space than traditional apartments, management services, amenities such as a state-of-the-art fitness center, pool, virtual golf simulator, multiple plasma screen televisions, and much more to provide a life of entertainment and relaxation to students. Contact us today for luxury apartments College Station students can be happy to call them their new home.

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