Finding the perfect place to live can be difficult. However, individuals spend a majority of their time at home so it’s important to find the type of housing that complements each person’s lifestyle. There are so many options for student housing in College Station, TX, that you can find the perfect apartment, house, townhouse or dorm to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

To find the perfect fit, you need to look at the variety of selections.

On-Campus Housing in College Station, TX

Living in TAMU housing offers both advantages and disadvantages. When you live on campus, you get the traditional experience of living in a dorm which is almost a rite of passage for freshmen.

When you choose to live on campus, you’ll be paired with a roommate who may become your best friend or merely the person you ask to turn off the light. Living with a person you don’t know can be exciting, but because of the close quarters of a dorm, living with a roommate you haven’t chosen can become frustrating.

Living in a dorm allows you to live within walking distance of your classes, organized clubs, sports practices, and even the campus libraries. Because of the close proximity to school, you may be able to sleep later, and you’ll never have to worry about a long commute. Some students may even be able to sneak in a quick nap between classes! Living on campus also provides you with the opportunity to be surrounded by fellow students.

Students who live in dorms will also encounter an RA, or resident assistant. A resident assistant organizes floor meetings and events that allow you to make friends. But the RA also reminds residents of the rules and can dole out disciplinary action if necessary.

Yet, there are also disadvantages to Texas A&M housing. If you do not get along with your roommate, you do not really have any space for much-needed privacy. Though they are smaller, dorms also tend to be more expensive than off campus equivalents. On-campus housing also enforces various rules that prohibit certain activity. Before deciding where to live in College Station, you will want to review the set of restrictions in place to make sure you can abide by them. These regulations may make you feel as if your independence is being infringed upon. For students who want to live near campus but don’t want to share a bedroom or have an RA checking up on them, The Retreat at College Station serves as a perfect student living solution. The Retreat at College Station provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of an off campus apartment while still giving you the proximity of an on-campus dorm. And although you are paired with your roommates, The Retreat offers private bedrooms and private bathrooms for each resident, allowing you to have your privacy without paying for an entire apartment yourself.

Off Campus Housing Near Texas A&M

When you live off campus, you will experience a very different lifestyle than living on-campus.

When you live in a dorm, the school can close College Station student housing for holidays and summers, forcing you to find somewhere else to stay. For students who work in College Station, the closing of on-campus housing can cause several issues. But those who choose to live off campus near TAMU don’t have to worry about losing their home over extended holidays and semester breaks. As long as you have a valid lease, you have the right to be at your home.

If you choose to live off campus, you will need to determine if you want to live near Texas A&M or farther away. If you choose to live farther from campus, you will need to find a way to commute to campus. For example, you may ride a bike, drive, walk or take a bus. This commute will more than likely cause you to want to limit your trips back and forth. Therefore, you may end up spending long periods of time on campus in between classes because going back home is not worth it.

When you live in off campus Texas A&M housing, you must be more organized. Instead of paying your rent up front, you will need to make sure you pay it every month. You will also be required to pay your utility bill monthly. If you tend to use large amounts of electricity or water, you may end up having expensive bills.

The Retreat at College Station offers a solution to many of the off campus disadvantages. Student housing at The Retreat is close to Texas A&M, so you can walk home between classes to eat, sleep, study or relax. In addition, many utilities are included in the rent at The Retreat, so your monthly expenses won’t get out of hand.

College Station, TX Apartments

Apartments in College Station, TX, are the most popular choice for students who wish to live off campus. Compared to renting a house, they are frequently cheaper and require less upkeep. Most apartments are leased through a landlord who is responsible for repairing anything that breaks. Some apartments also offer social activities that facilitate friendships among tenants. Luxury apartments in College Station have amenities to benefit both the social and academic life of its students. With access to pools and computer labs, you are sure to have a successful college experience.
Because student apartments have neighbors all around them, there may be noise pollution from other people. When studying for a test, you may hear your upstairs neighbors rearranging furniture or the people living next door listening to music. If you have a pet, many complexes have restrictions that do not let you bring your animal inside. So, depending on which company you decide to rent from, you may have to leave your dog or cat with your family.

But at The Retreat at College Station, you don’t have to worry about hearing your neighbors or leaving your dog out in the cold. Our student apartments are built sound, ensuring that you won’t hear your neighbor’s conversation, music or pets!

Renting a House in College Station, TX

Renting a house is convenient if you need more space. If you want, you can live with more friends than with other alternatives and you will all find adequate privacy and storage. Depending on the house you rent, you might also have a lawn. Lawns are perfect for having your friends over to grill on game day or a nice place to read in the grass.

However, more space means more maintenance. Depending on the person you are renting from, you may need to complete your repairs for your house and mow the lawn yourself. This could definitely cost you both time and money. Further, because you are renting a house, your neighbors may be families who are more sensitive to sound. If you like to play loud music, you may want to live somewhere with predominantly college students like a student apartment.

At The Retreat College Station, you get the storage space and privacy that a house offers all while getting the benefit of luxury living. You’ll never have to worry about a broken sprinkler, unkempt yard or neighbors demanding that you keep it down.

TAMU Townhouses

Townhouses provide you with the benefit of having more space than an apartment but less space than a house. They also tend to be situated in gated communities so they are safer than alternative housing options. Similar to luxury apartments in College Station, TX, townhomes tend to have facilities such as a pool and clubhouse for the use of its residents. In a townhouse, you may also have access to lawn but you will not have to maintain it yourself because that is taken care of by the homeowner’s association.
Yet, with a townhouse, depending on the layout, you will still have at least one neighbor on one side. This creates the possibility that you might be inconvenienced by your neighbor’s sounds or they may be sensitive to yours. With more space, you will also be required to clean more areas and it will require more utilities to keep it cool. Therefore, your utility bill will most likely be higher.

Live at The Retreat at College Station

Despite the wide variety of housing options in College Station, with a bit of research, you will be sure to find the one that fits your lifestyle perfectly. The Retreat at College Station has the best apartments in College Station. We offer all of the advantages of other housing options without all of the associated disadvantages.

If you’re ready to live in luxury in College Station, near Texas A&M’s campus, then contact The Retreat today.

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