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College Station Roommate Matching

Many apartment complexes, such as The Retreat’s Texas A&M luxury apartments, allow for individual leases which allow students to pay only their share of rent rather than paying for a whole apartment. This is particularly useful when other rooms in the unit are unoccupied or if a roommate unexpectedly leaves their room or no longer pays their rent because it doesn’t affect the amount that you pay. Individual leases also simplify the matter of splitting utilities so that you don’t have to try and determine how much energy and water each individual person used. The thing about individual leases though, is that if you do not already have a roommate with whom you wish to move into the apartment then management will most likely assign one for you. In order to try to avoid complications while living with random roommates, apartment complexes will do roommate matching in an attempt to place people of similar lifestyles. At The Retreat, we provide some of the best furnished apartments College Station has to offer, with various luxury amenities.

What Is Roommate Matching?

Roommate matching is a way for apartment complexes to match up residents with similar lifestyles in order to achieve problem-free living between the unknown roommates. This occurs in individual leases when rooms are vacant in an apartment unit because complexes need to fill the empty rooms. But this isn’t just a valuable service for apartment complexes, it also benefits renters. Through roommate matching you don’t have to worry about living alone, which is especially helpful for those who have moved to a new city and don’t know anyone there yet. Many people also make lifelong friends with their roommates and living with a new person is part of what many people consider the true “college experience.”

How Does Roommate Matching Work?

Student housing College Station conducts the process of roommate matching by asking their residents to fill out a survey. These surveys ask key questions designed to determine your lifestyle to later match it with another resident’s similar survey. The surveys include questions such as your level of cleanliness, sleeping habits, study habits, etc. It is highly important that you are honest and realistic when completing the survey to ensure that you are matched with a roommate who is like you and vice versa as this will minimize the chances of altercations. Roommate matching surveys sometimes also include space where you can express any pet peeves or particular habits that you have.

What To Do If You Don't Get Along With Your Roommate?

TAMU Housing tend to be pretty thorough with their surveys leading to satisfactory roommate matches most of the time. However, there is the unfortunate possibility that you could not get along with your roommate. If this occurs, use it as a learning experience. Try to establish common ground and really communicate with each other to find solutions rather than argue. A lot of the solutions will involve compromising so that both of you, or all of you if there are more than two roommates, can get what you want. This will require effort from all parties but it could make living with each other a lot easier and more enjoyable. If no solutions can be reached and the problems are serious, many apartment complexes allow transfer requests to me made although they can’t always be granted.

Luxury Student Housing In College Station, TX

Roommates are a big part of college, and a solid relationship can make your time living there a whole lot better. At The Retreat, we try to provide students with everything they could need in a living environment for relaxing and enjoyable college years. Contact us today for luxury apartments College Station students can love.

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