TAMU is home to around 60,000 students. With such a large body of students, the University offers many services that appeal to students and provide help, support, and information. The variety of programs facilitates mental, physical, academic and social health.

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TAMU Student Housing

Each student will have different preferences and needs when it comes to picking student housing in College Station, TX. Therefore, it is important for students to research housing options thoroughly to determine their interests. A dorm's convenient location allow you to walk to class and Resident Assistants who will organize activities that will help you meet new people. Because TAMU is home to so many students, not all of them will be able to live in TAMU housing on-campus.

There are many off campus choices that will enhance your life. Off campus student apartments in College Station, TX, such as The Retreat at College Station, for instance, allow you to live close to campus while maintaining your privacy and independence. You can also enjoy amenities such as an entertainment clubhouse and a sauna where you can interact with other students. Texas A&M offers a bus system from any apartments to campus.

Fitness At Texas A&M

Texas A&M takes physical health seriously. It strives to ensure students have the tools necessary to stay fit and have fun during the process. The Student Recreation Center is a comprehensive resource for students with 400,000 square feet of space. Group Fitness classes provide fun and interactive instructions to help students get in shape. Several cardio machines and free weights are available to make sure you always have access to the equipment you need.

“The Rec” also features 14 racquetball courts and a competitive swimming pool. The Indoor Climbing Facility has 44 foot high and 3,500 square feet of climbing area.

Private showers permit students with the chance to bathe before returning home or to class. Smoothie King is conveniently located in the gym to replenish your energy with smoothies and healthy snacks. The lounge has tables, chairs, couches, vending machines and TVs so you can take a quick break. The observational area allows you to watch various activities such as the Indoor Climbing Area.

Texas A&M Student Activities

Texas A&M offers many student organizations. With more than 1,000 clubs, you can be sure to find one that interests you. Not only will you find the resources to do what you love, but you will find friends who share your interests. And as an added bonus, being involved will look good on your résumé. At Texas A&M, you will always have fun attending school sports events. Watch a football, volleyball or baseball game to cheer on your classmates and friends. Your College Station student housing, on-campus and off campus, provides you with opportunities to bond with other Aggie students.

Overall, TAMU has a lot to offer its students. They are able to remain healthy, represented, get involved, live in TAMU apartments and become united with current and past Aggies through old traditions. The surrounding College Station, TX, offers many exciting opportunities to help students make the most of their college experience.

Aggie Traditions

TAMU prides itself on its school spirit. There are many traditions that are both bonding and entertaining for students, faculty, and alumni. Maroon Out occurs when everyone wears all maroon in a way to represent the 12th Man on the football field and intimidate the opponents. The Midnight Yell is held the night before every football game. Students and alumni congregate to practice yelling and get excited about the football game.

One of the oldest traditions at Texas A&M is Silver Taps which honor the students who have passed away while attending TAMU. All lights on campus go out and everyone remains silent except for a bugle. The Bonfire Memorial was originally a bonfire held to represent their desire to beat the University of Texas. However, it collapsed and killed 12 students. The memorial now honors those students who lost their lives and represents the unity of all Aggies.

Aggie Student Health

Unfortunately, no matter how hard students work, terrible things can happen that affect the physical and mental well-being of students. Texas A&M is here to help when it does happen.

Student Health Services

The Texas A&M Health Center is the on-campus doctor’s office. When you are feeling sick, need a checkup or recognize you have a health problem, the health center staff have the experience and resources to help you. They offer services such as physical therapy and radiology, and they have a pharmacy. In the case of an emergency, the health center is equipped for Emergency Medical Service. It even provides flu shots.

Counseling for Students

If a student is ever in need of counseling, they can consult the Student Services for counseling. When a crisis occurs, you do not need to make an appointment and can walk in during business hours. If it is after hours, you can call the HelpLine. For any other need, students can make appointments online.

Disability Services

The Disability Services Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to providing students with disabilities with an equal opportunity to education. Though this office is not able to evaluate you for disabilities, the staff can refer you to other professionals who are qualified to do so. They offer to coordinate accommodations you may need with your professors to ensure you will do well in classes. Assistive Technology Services allow students to use technology to enable them to complete certain tasks they may otherwise have been unable to do. Sign language interpreting and transcription are also available for success in academic classes.

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